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Williams & Co.

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Stan Williams

Stan Williams is a highly accomplished and talented senior executive with more than 25 years of success in the aerospace, defense, IT, and government industries. Leveraging extensive experience with an expert curiosity about aerospace, Stanley is a valuable asset for similar sectors seeking expert assistance with business development teams, forecasting problems, setting a strategy, and by more than one department as CFO he has touched a lot of different facets for a given business. His key areas of expertise include forecasting, strategy, corporate finance, auditing, M&A due diligence and risk management. 


Stan is an Advisory Board Member of SMJ Drones, SureFire Capital, M3 Life Sciences, Ocinator, Smart Int’l, Bacchus Room, Dependalite & Parentfile.

Talent Spotlight

Relationship are the foundation of our business.  Below is a table of our friends and family that are open to exploring new opportunities.  Please give us a call to discuss these candidates and get a complete resume and overview.  Williams & Co. is available to interview and vet potential hires  as you expand your team.  

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